I teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to get their business started. When it comes to Online and eCom Businesses. As a teen mom who struggled through life and still managed to start, run and operate several companies both online and offline I cut through the red tape. By working with me you save time, headache, frustration, and tons of money from the start!

"My motto "You can Accomplish Anything'"

- Dee Willis


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Let me start off by saying, everyone is unique and if you are here then you want to know more about me and the services that I provide. Most of the work I do revolve around helping my clients come up with business ideas, products and services they can offer and how they can get started marketing to the public.


Because every client's business needs are unique and depends on their level of experience and their stage of business. The best way for me to know how I can best support you is by you setting up a 60 Minute Private Session with me. During our session it gives me the opportunity to learn more about you, discuss your business ideas, your goals and what I can do to help. Please click the button below to schedule your session with me.

About Me

I'm Dee Willis serial entrepreneur, mother and author. I leverage my 20+ years of entrepreneurship, sales and customer service experience to help you start a business of your own that you're passionate about. 


I don't want you wasting years fiddle faddling around trying to go at this alone. It's time you start working in your PASSION and learn how to PROFIT from it. My current business is on its way to hitting a 5 figure month. I learned so much over the years with running my businesses and being a single mom with a family and now you get to benefit from everything I've learned.


Now is the time to take control of your life. Live in your passion. Use the Internet to create an income stream that will allow you to start living your best life!

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